Thank You!!!

Eickman's Processing Company out of Seward, IL

Here at Family Farm Meats we put all our trust in working with ONE amazing processing company. Eickman's is family owned and operated by many generations of the Eickman Family, and has been in business since 1953. We are very grateful to do business with Eickman's and our meat store wouldn't be what it is today without them. This company and its employees do a great job at making us feel like we are in good hands and reassure us that we have made the right choice to use them for all our livestock processing needs. Eickman's specializes in custom meat ordering, which makes it great for you to get exactly what you want. If you have ever tried our bacon, smoked hams, breakfast sausage or beef sticks you will see why we put all our trust in this company. 

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To my Parents Ron & Rhonda Flint

I will say time and time again how thankful I am for my parents. I have never in my life met anyone more unselfish then these two. They would give the shirts off their backs to help a complete stranger. One thing is for sure, their hard work doesn't go unnoticed. They are always here to help me clean and bed the animals and even take time out of their day to help me load and haul livestock to Eickman's. No matter what they are doing if I call they are here to help me. My parents  are my biggest influence on my farm and I truly appreciate all their hard work and advice they have given me. When it comes to these two the words "thank you" don't ever seem like enough.

To my Grandparents Rich & Doris Hall

I couldn't go without mentioning these two very important people in my life. In October of 2016 we lost my Grandpa to his battle with cancer, but it was his time here with us that I am very grateful for. I could always count on my Grandpa to take the long ride with me to Eickman's to keep me company as well as help me load the truck with meat. To this day I have his Eickman's shirt  framed to remind me of the time we spent together. Not only did I enjoy his company, I also owe him and my grandmother everything when it comes to my ability to do woodworking. My grandparents have taught me how to run power tools and build things with my own hands. Just recently I was able to build my very own chicken coop all on my own just from the knowledge I gained from these two. I am very fortunate to have my Grandma here to help me. She is always running little errands for me or helping me around the house with Owen. Even her crafting decorations fill the store walls with farm puzzles and woodworking she made just for me. I am forever grateful to have such amazing Grandparents.

To my Uncle Frank & Aunt Julie Kearns

In April of 2016 my Aunt and Uncle opened their own meat store, Kearns Quality Meats out of Huntley, IL. I truly enjoy being on this journey with these two. Its pretty neat how this business has made us grow even closer together. I find myself calling them for ideas on things or taking a trip up to visit them as much as I can. Its a good feeling having family in the same business and I'm thankful for all they have done for me. There are so many things they have helped me with that have improved my business since they started. I am excited to see where our future takes us in this business!

Thank You  to all our Customers,  friends, neighbors and family for all your support!