Beef Cuts

Beef Bacon $7.99

Ground Beef $6.50

Burger Patties $6.99

Heart $3.99

Liver $3.99

Oxtail $6.00

Short Ribs $5.99

Soup Bone $4.50

Stew Meat $6.99

Summer Sausage $10.99

Tongue $4.99

Ground Round $6.99

Snack Sticks $13.99


Brisket $7.99
Arm Roast $6.75
Chuck Roast (Pot) $6.75
Round Roast $6.75
Rolled Rump $6.99
Sirloin Tip $6.99
Tri-tip Roast $8.99
Boneless Prime Rib Roast $18.99
Bone-In Prime Rib Roast $16.99
   (Option of having Ribs cut and tied back)


( Prices  per  lb. )

Filet Mignon $26.99
Flank Steak $11.99
New York Steak $16.99
Porterhouse $14.99
Ribeye $17.25
Sirloin Steak $10.99
Skirt Steak $11.99
T-Bone Steak $13.99
Hanger Steak $11.25
Round Steak $8.99
Cube Steak $8.00
Ribeye Sandwich Steak $16.99

Bulk Order Pricing

Full Beef  $3.15/# (carcass weight) approx. 850 lbs.

Half Beef $3.20/# (carcass weight) approx. 425 lbs.

Quarter Beef $3.25/# (carcass weight) approx. 220 lbs.

Plus Processing

$0.70/# White Paper Wrapped and Frozen 


$0.95/# Clear Vac Sealed and Frozen

Slaughter Charge

Whole-$120 Half-$60 Quarter-$30

Testing $3.00

$1.00/# Pattying

* All Weights are based on Carcass Weight*


Approx. TOTAL Cost

Quarter: $900

Half: $1700

Whole: $3400

(We like to finish our cattle out at 1400-1500 lbs. live leaving them with a BIG carcass. These weights are based off our average carcass weights. This is not exact so you could end with a small carcass, cheapening the total cost. You also could get a beef with a 900 lb carcass making these estimates go up, all depends on the animal)

**Custom Cuts Are Available Upon Request**

All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice